Please read this article by a successful, experienced professional: NINE REASONS AGAINST TRANQUILIZERS IN THE SHOW RING (by Patty Heuckeroth p. 26 The Chronicle May 2nd & 9, 2016).

Below are comments and photo from Paul Cronin author/ Schooling and Riding the Sport Horse:

In the first year, developing the balance of the young horse, achieving stabilization, and introducing contact are the first objectives. This important foundation is time consuming, boring for some trainers/riders, but essential for a successful schooling program.

Stabilization (mental and physical schooling) on the flat, in company, alone, outside the ring, and jumping is an important objective in a schooling program. Below is a stabilized horse on soft contact, trotting.

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A connected, ground-covering trot on soft contact. Note the horizontal engagement of the hind left leg and the free swing of the right shoulder. The rider has a united position with efficient and effective use of the aids. The design of position and weight distribution (ankle, knee, hip) is the same at the trot and the jump. In forward riding, a correct posting trot can strengthen the rider’s jumping position. [Makala Benjamin, rider; Dorado (Sweet Briar College); Sarah Black, photographer]