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Paul D. Cronin

Equestrian Program Consultant, Equine Clinician and Teacher

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Behind the Bit/ Not Educated Contact

The horse escapes a forceful hand and discomfort or pain by rolling under and behind the vertical. Heavy misuse of gadgets such as draw reins and tightly adjusted side reins can produce this carriage as a habit, (P. 136 Schooling and Riding the Sport Horse/ UVA Press). For correct carriage/ 2 levels: see Paul D. […]

Versatile Three Part System of Riding

Excellent photo of the Modern American Forward Riding System. Position based on the stirrup (angles at heel, knee, and hip). Advanced control/ “Following Arm.” Versatile 3 part system (position, controls, schooling) for Hunters, Jumpers, and Cross Country. Fox Hunter Timber Race/ Piedmont Hunt Meet 3/17. Janie Covington rider. The first Timber start for horse and […]

Quality Example of the Modern Forward Riding System

The horse: Flight Phase: Folding well in front and ready to fold tighter behind when he reaches top of the jump. Extended/ rounded head and neck/ balancing gesture. Question: Is the back itself “rigid” or “round?” The rider’s controls: advanced/ “following arm.” Position: based on the stirrup with the three angles of the hip, knee, […]

A Progressive Modern Schooling Program Can Replace the Use of Tranquilizers

Please read this article by a successful, experienced professional: NINE REASONS AGAINST TRANQUILIZERS IN THE SHOW RING (by Patty Heuckeroth p. 26 The Chronicle May 2nd & 9, 2016). Below are comments and photo from Paul Cronin author/ Schooling and Riding the Sport Horse: In the first year, developing the balance of the young horse, […]

Quality Forward Riding on the Flat

The trot (two beats) with head and next extended, mouth closed (not tied), accepting contact created by the leg. Good horizontal engagement of the hind near leg and extension of the outside shoulder, humerus, and foreleg. The horse demonstrates advance-level contact with reserve energy. The rider demonstrates a correct design of position on the flat, […]

Advanced Forward Riding. Flight phase of the jump.

The horse is folding well and is allowed a full balancing gesture of the head and neck with following arms, a direct line from bit to elbow. The rider’s correct design of position allows correct Weight Distribution and Spring in the angles at the ankle, knee and hip. This advanced jumping position represents a complete […]

Quality Schooling Requires Educated Riding

An educated position is essential for schooling horses in the Forward Riding System. In Summary, Points Concerning Position Nonabuse of the horse, unity of the rider with the horse in motion, the security of the rider, and the efficient and effective use of aids are the four fundamentals of a good working position. The rider […]

The Importance Of Head Carriage (part two)

Behind The Bit: The horse escapes a forceful hand and discomfort or pain by rolling under and behind the vertical. The rider cannot achieve soft, precise control. These horses are often mentally unstable or have upset reserve energy. Heavy use of gadgets such as draw reins and tightly adjusted side reins can produce this carriage […]

The Importance of Head Carriage

The head and neck carriage cannot be emphasized enough. It is with this carriage that many trainers make a serious schooling error. Many people hurry the horse to market or a competition. With gadgets and forced upper-level aids, one can get the young or uneducated horse to make an abrupt upper-level transition or sudden halt; […]

Balancing Gestures and Mechanics of the Jump in Four Phases

There are two topics in my opinion that do not get enough emphasis and in some cases are overlooked in teaching schooling. Mechanics of the Gaits The horse moves in DYNAMIC BALANCE. There is a constant loss and regaining of equilibrium forward. the walk has four beats. the canter has three beats. Both gaits have a […]

Schooling Topic

Evaluating and Selecting a Horse for and in Schooling To begin, the rider must decide what the objective for the horse is to be. When schooling is finished, what should the horse be?  A show hunter for A-level competition, an equitation horse, a local show hunter, a jumper, a field horse, an event horse, or […]