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Paul D. Cronin

Equestrian Program Consultant, Equine Clinician and Teacher

Entries for March, 2017

Quality Example of the Modern Forward Riding System

The horse: Flight Phase: Folding well in front and ready to fold tighter behind when he reaches top of the jump. Extended/ rounded head and neck/ balancing gesture. Question: Is the back itself “rigid” or “round?” The rider’s controls: advanced/ “following arm.” Position: based on the stirrup with the three angles of the hip, knee, […]

A Progressive Modern Schooling Program Can Replace the Use of Tranquilizers

Please read this article by a successful, experienced professional: NINE REASONS AGAINST TRANQUILIZERS IN THE SHOW RING (by Patty Heuckeroth p. 26 The Chronicle May 2nd & 9, 2016). Below are comments and photo from Paul Cronin author/ Schooling and Riding the Sport Horse: In the first year, developing the balance of the young horse, […]